Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring wonderful spring

It's spring in Massachusetts and I have's warm and wonderful and I have bought tons of plants and herbs to plant and I can't wait.

One tiny problem...I can't breath outside...not an exaggeration..I can't even see that eyes are all nose runs...I cough and sneeze...and I can't take anything that may effect my a- fib.

If hubby ever finds out how much I have spent on flowers and things...well...I may just have to move in with one of you guys...I know perps...I promised no more credit card use but it's spring!

I was just pollen as bad at night? Of course trying to plant, even in the barrels may be awkward if it's dark...and I'm such a scarredy cat anything in the dark frightens me...
wish spending money and dealing with hubby scared me...I'll tell him about the wonderful sales I you think he will buy that?

Unfortunately seeing them all nicely lined up in the garage is not making me happy...I even need more potting soil...think I will ask older son to drop some off for me...and if he's not too busy maybe he can plant some of them...after all... I am his loving Mom right?

Oh's worth a try...excuse me for now...I'm baking hubby's favorite dessert right reason...


Anndi said...

So sorry the allergies are that bad. The favourite fod trick has worked for many a housewife.. hopefully it will work for you.

And yes, your son should help his mamma!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Nope, no reason for that dessert at all!

If you love flowers, go for it. Have fun, despite the allergies. I was pulling weeds earlier and still have the allergic welts to prove it.

I've heard that local honey is good for allergies. I don't know if it's true or not, but there ya go. That might be worth a try?